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Raiders Of The Lost ArkRaiders Of The Lost Ark

1.The Hippie

The Hippie is either your Environmental Studies professor or teaches some English class you have to take to graduate. The hippie is of course e a flaming liberal, but the calmest flaming liberal of all time. Their voice is disturbingly soft and you have to strain to hear every word. Do not engage them in political discussion. On the plus side, they have class outside when it’s nice out and they accept just about any excuse for late work or absences. Your final will be discussion based.

2. The Professional

The Professional had high aspirations of heading up archeological teams in South America. Now they’re stuck teaching Ancient Civilization 102 to a bunch of frat daddies and stoners who don’t give a shit. There will be no syllabus, no assigned reading, just slideshows of their last trip to Peru. Meanwhile, they will be desperately filling out…

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