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My husband sent me an interesting Democracy Journal piece by Jack Meserve arguing that Democrats lose elections because they’ve forgotten how to 1) craft simple, easily digestible policies and 2) take credit for those policies upon implementation.

Just look at the image above. When Congress passed Social Security into law, FDR’s administration created a poster announcing “a monthly check to you for the rest of your life… beginning when you are 65.”

In contrast, says Meserve, today’s Democrats either “complicate their initiatives enough to be inscrutable to anyone who doesn’t love reading hours of explainers on public policy, or else they don’t take credit for the few simple policies they do enact.”

I think Meserve’s conclusion is so important that it’s worth copying here in its entirely:

So what to do? No more savings accounts, no more cleverly hidden help that people won’t even notice, no more tax-preferenced, means-tested, government-monitored, website-reliant, bronze/gold/platinum-benefits-so-long-as-you-apply-during-open-enrollment. Just give people…

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